The Pandemic asked for it and we delivered responsibly. The Social Distancing and The Country Wide Lock-Downs.


We Professionals took it all. We faced the extreme situations of keeping the offices into an hibernation so that when we start, we start to deliver which was ever best.

Many of us had to let go of our best employees, or even the best locations of our leased in offices, just so that the costs of survival is contained. It did happen over night and we were unprepared. And now when it is seemingly getting normal, the survival instinct does not allow us to think big or to take giant leaps to grow our business out of the marshes.

However, we tried options like work from home and remote assistance, which somehow worked wonders to create a new road-map for professionals of the future. It indeed is the the future of most of the professions, where the physical space is no longer in existence and yet the quality service is rendered without a silly hiccup.

The takeaway here is to transfer, transmit and outsource your business to your colleagues, co-workers and outsourcing partners and still get your work done without much of a hassle of maintaining the right set of employees on your payroll or looking out for that office location you thought would be great for business.

COVID19 Mantra : Outsource / Partner Up


Manish Sharma, Founder-Percept Legal