Courts are already burdened with cases while depositions run along for hundreds of pages. Hence, it becomes important for lawyers / attorneys to summarize them and have it handy. This not only draws out the most relevant facts from a deposition but also saves a lot of court and attorney time. 

Understanding the importance of a proper and quality Deposition Summary, it becomes inevitable in practice. However, a legal practitioner is also burdened with the trial and other fact finding procedures for the matter. Solution is to always outsource the Deposition Summaries to a trusted and skilled professional.

India offers a great resource when it comes to English speaking and writing professionals. Outsourcing to an organisation in India and thereby creating a trusted relationship goes beyond just assignments and their delivery. It is like having a like minded paralegal or an assistant right up your sleeve.

Percept Legal offers high quality and cost effective Deposition Summary services to its global clients. Deposition summaries drafted by our skilled and reliable team of experienced legal professionals, who deliver to law firms throughout the Unites States, are accurate, reliable and often tailor-made. Percept Legal has been drafting excellent Deposition Summaries to all types of cases, ranging from medical malpractice, personal injury, and wrongful death to employment, insurance, and intellectual property. Not only our team has hands-on experience in litigation, we also have a good command over English writing skills.

Partner Us for the upper edge in handling your litigation.

Author: Manish Sharma. Founder-Percept Legal